IN MY HOME: repurposed coffee table.

magazine corner.
one of the perks of working at urban outfitters (a million years ago) was being the first to know about the crazy sales! 1.00, 3.00 racks how i miss those! and then when they wanted to get rid of the display's like big armoires, coffee tables, awesome chairs i was there to buy them really really cheap....

so one day jacob brought home this amazing($5) coral coffee table (he worked there too) , but he wanted to leave it outside in the garage so that we could clean it off first. this is normal...but for some reason it ended up outside after a party and it got drenched from the rain. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i noticed it from the window and screamed at jacob " WE HAVE TO SAVE THE TABLE!!!" so we ran out and stuck it under the garage. Jacob was not convinced that we could save this beauty.

well, he was wrong. my uncle Greg is the man! he had made another table from urban look amazing! he sanded it, painted it and it looked brand new. that table now lives on my cousin Taylor's front porch and looks damn good! i was so impressed that i asked him to take a look at by beat up coral table....and asked if there was anything i could do to save it? by the look on his face i was convinced that it was over for me and my coral table.

i noticed that the coral table was gone. i just assumed jacob had thrown it out. we had many arguments about it....

my uncle greg comes over and has some amazing olive green coffee table that looks just like my coral one, but a million times better! NO FRIGGIN WAY! he had sanded all the bad wood off, i don't know how he attached the pieces that were falling off,  and he painted it my favorite color! i think he even did a water proof coat....but see for yourself..MY UNCLE GREG ROCKS! i wish i had a photo of how horrid it looked, it was falling apart BAD!




this is one of my favorite corners in the house. i just sit there drink my coffee, listen to some pretty music, and get lost in my magazines. do you have a place like that?