say hi to SEABLANKET

Happy September! Anyone else excited about fall being right around the corner? I can't wait to see all the leaves change in the next couple months.

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this is a great way to direct people to your blog, website, store and get to know you! 
i wanted to introduce you guys to chelsea from SEABLANKET. she is cute as a button and sweet as pie! and if you're into playlists, DIY's, and fashion you should hop on over to this lil lady's blog and say hi! hahaha i rhymed!

anyway, i love facts especially random facts so i always ask my real life in- person friends and blog friends to tell me 10 random facts about themselves because it keeps it interesting and it updates you about things going on in their life at the moment .(no one like small talk) especially when you are at a dinner party and you have friends that don't know one another...random facts is a great conversation starter. you should try it.

so back to Chelsea. here are 10 random facts about the girl behind seablanket.

1. I graduated high school at 16. wow thats crazy! how? homeschool?
No home-school, I just couldn't stand the cliques and the people, so i worked really hard and combined 2 years into my junior year. 2. I've been a Vegetarian for 6 years, for moral reasons. so is kelly but not for moral reasons.
I think it's important to stand up for what you believe in, regardless how little of an impact you may make on the "big picture" 3. Amongst friends, my nickname is Lil' G. my family calls me lil goof. what does your "G" mean?
haha, that's cute! G stand for Gangster...lets just say i have a little swagger  4. I'm in love with jack he is a musical genius but... i'm in love with jack black. now what!? haha
hahah, eww jack black?! you can keep him:)   5. I'm saving to buy a 1953 chevrolet bel air. NICE did your gpa or dad have one?
neither, but i've seen a few at car shows and just love them. i'd love to get an olive green one 
6. My next tattoo will include a dream catcher. LOVE, actually in the middle of making those.
the very first tutorial i ever made for Seablanket was a dream catcher!! i LOVE them!!   7. I am learning how to knit. Bless your heart. i can only finger knit thanks to mila plum.
It's really hard, i've never been successful at learning yet, so i'm trying yet again  8. I was born legally blind in my left eye (but have full sight out of both eyes now) wow that's amazing! did you have a procedure done?
Nothing surgical, but for years, i had physical therapy (exorcises, etc) and wore eye patches. it was a huge struggle when i was younger, but so worth it. 9. Apples are my favorite fruit. eve liked those apples too...
hahah touche! we all have our vices 10. Someday, I'll open my own boutique, filled with amazing handmade items from small businesses.  a motivated girl with big dreams. love it! will it be called seablanket?

you betcha!  

have a great wednesday everybody!