16 and out of control.

Scan 3
This is not throw up. This is GAK. I was in photo journalism class trying to fake out some friends.
This photo was in the yearbook.
Scan 2

Scan 4
My first car was stick. I miss my trooper! box on wheels! Oh the good times I had in that box!
Scan 5
i am in the blue bikini.
Scan 6
I am in the middle. oh Gosh I hate that I am wearing my shorts like that and look at my necklace! how 90's! hahaha. This was the day after junior prom.

I wanted to move to california so bad.
I spent most weekends at the beach.
I learned how to jump over a fence really fast (cops broke up the parties often)
I met some of my best friends.
I started figuring out who I was.
I worked at Y'alls Texas Store and Pacific Sunwear.
I went to a private school for a year then went back to Public school.
I was held back because of that private school.
I  met a boy and was IN LOVE. We were together off and on for like 6 years. 
I was CRAZY.
my friends called me DeeDee, Deeto, Deedle Bug, Bug.
I was mean to Kelly. I am still paying for that.
I feel bad for what my parents had to go through.
Boys were not allowed in my room.
My parents were awesome but a little over protective.
I had a lot of highlights.
My friends always borrowed my clothes and never gave them back:(
oh how could i forget punk rock shows at fitzgeralds!
homegrown was my favorite band

What were you like at age 16, 17, 18?