Hello friends!

Since January 2009, I have had three internships and have lived in four different cities in hopes of getting a job to work for someone else. Well, still no luck landing a job (everyone wants a web designer and there's no love for print design in this dang world anymore), but over that time Brandi and I have been doing Bueno Bueno and MMBB and I have had tons of ideas with no time to execute them. Things are about to turn around. I am once again moving, but this time it'll be different because I will be at Brandi's side in Houston creating things that I love and making my own dreams come true. I'm broke, tired, and far from family. Houston, you won. I'll be leaving Nashville on Monday and starting fresh...again, on Tuesday! Get ready to be impressed :)

(oh, and if you are thinking about Alan in this whole thing, he completely supports my decision and believes in Bueno Bueno. He just told me so and it made me like him a little/lot bit more)

Here's a sneak peek at my latest design project for the lovely Amanda Shires...

Amanda wanted her advance copy to stand out so we thought about the tools/materials she had in her house, threw in a bit of her personality and made 50 of these pretty packages.

Stay tuned for the block printing tutorial!