I feel pretty...(in pink)

At the beginning of the week, I bought these pretty new frames from SEE and I sure am in love. I wanted something more femme and I tried on every pair they had to offer, but these boyish frames were the only ones that stole my little heart. What do you think? Too bulky or just right?

Then, I had a package show up about mid-week from Pretty in Pink Boutique and I immediately tried it on.
 I asked Pearl if I could borrow her ladder, as a tripod, and she decided to take my photos instead AND she showed me her secret/most favorite place in the whole world. It was awesome and tucked away from everything.  The trees around us were still very green, but the ground was completely covered in gold crunchy leaves. Isn't fall magical?

I did feel pretty, but there was something missing and it wasn't my shoes...I am quite comfortable roaming around barefoot.

 ahhh, yes. My hair. I always feel like there is something missing if I don't fix my hair. Especially when I wear something nice! Do you feel the need to fix your hair when you're dressed to kill or are you okay with just a ponytail?

 A stylized topknot is what I am currently digging since I have some bulky frames. Something about it just seems to have the right balance. I'll have some more photos next Tuesday showing multiple ways to style this kind of dress, but today was just about showing the dress. I'm in love with it! Thanks Pretty in Pink Boutique! 

Thanks for sharing your secret spot with me Pearl!

Just a reminder, all bueno bueno readers get 20% and right now they are offering free shipping! Taking a peep at their Facebook page is a good way to keep up with new items :)

fun little fact: My dress was shipped to Brandi's address originally and she liked it so much so kept it and ordered me another one and had it shipped to me in Nashville.