Hey, we are starting a new themed post on Tuesdays called "Top Ten Twitpics" and we will be accepting submissions 24/7. We would like your participation to make this more fun! You can send us a funny/odd twitpic you or a friend has already posted and give us your link / the source link and we will post it for the following round. If nothing has been submitted, we will just pick. This week Brandi and I decided to kick it off with picking five from our twitpic accounts.

these are the top 5 twit pics i (brandi) picked from kelly's phone. i added my own captions because i am cooler.





1. butt shaped pancakes for a pancake butt girl. who knows? 
2. i like the way my nephew thinks. picking your nose for that one perfect booger is fun.
my mom used to say "your finger is going to get stuck"
we never were booger eaters though. were you?
3. God bless our mother. She gave this to Kelly and said "I want you to have this to remind you that one day you'll have thereal thing" if you knew my mother you would laugh.
4. MOM. DAD. WE DO NOT DO DRUGS. well maybe Kelly does....
5. leather, feathers...the vegans hate us.

 Here are my (Kelly) twitpic picks from Brandi's account

1. Who took grandma shopping again? She always shops for 50 people, but at least we stay fed.
2. ...that's just not healthy
3. Meow?
4. Cholas 4 lyfe
5. Sponge Bob Square Pants?

well, you get what's going on. Start sending us your twitpics or (thanks to Victoria's suggestion) you can tag it for next Tuesday!

THEME: At Your Local Coffee Shop