My new favorite headband

When I get a few moments to myself, I like to sort through leather and feathers to find a new combination for a new accessory. This is my newest cutie "Scout." I think I'm in love with her. Scout is different from the normal head accessory, but still subtle enough to wear throughout your daily routine.  I have a couple in the Bueno shop, take a look!


Another subtle beauty, I like to call Betty. She's a lot more fem than the other headbands in the shop

Betty is also available in brown
Full view of Scout

I hope everyone is having fun at ACL! If you love music festivals and are not into ACL, I hope you have read the Five Reasons Not To Attend ACL. Funny stuff.

Brandi just got her new headbands today, I had to ship them to Austin so she could have them for the Festival.
which one do you like best?