Ride your bike or take the bus. the bus ride was $1 and a short walk. It will cost like 40 bucks if you want to park your car in any of the close by lots. DON'T try and park at a retaurant and walk because you will get towed!
 Even though the weather has been much cooler lately, it's still quite warm during the day. So I don't recommend layers until the sun goes down. 
 GUMBY! you never know what you will see at music festivals.
 I love all the different flags people bring, especially if they make them. Why do they bring flags? They bring them so their group can find them after going to get more beer, or going to see a different band. You call your friend and they say "we are under the shark with a clown fro!"
 Dude that lady stole my .50 cent shorts! She was having the time of her life dancing. Love It!
 seeing fringe everywhere!!!! 
 This girl is a pro. drinking her beer, sitting in her chair, and fanning her sweaty ass face off.
i recommend bringing a fold up chair to ACL.
 Jacob said he wouldn't get me food until I took a picture of the guy in the yellow, so i walked over and they wanted me in the photo. ok that was easy! 
then i got my 2 taco's from wahoo's

 On the way up here John, Jacob and i were guessing how many tickets sold this weekend and i totally thought a million. Don't even say anything! 
Our phones were not working properly. So if you were trying to call or text me I'm sorry.
 Finding a spot for the next show.
 I had to take a photo of this dress for Jess, it's handmade from the Phillipines.
 and i took this photo because its so cute and i imagine baby Gemma in headphones like these tonight.
 I am sorry I didn't get a lot of funny photo's today, my friend john and I spent a lot of the time sneezing and blowing our nose raw! Zyrtec does not work! I took 2.
night should end with a banana walking up to you. 
Today I saw:
Blues Traveler
Miike Snow
The Black Keys
Beach House
Amos Lee
Sonic Youth
I missed the Verve Pipe but they are going to play again sunday! WOO!
more photo's on my FLICKR