Pretty in Pink: 10 facts about Danielle

10 facts about Danielle from Pretty In Pink.
1. I <3 Sour Pickles (Del Dixi are the BEST!)
2. Cant Stop Listening To Sade New And Old
3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Hamoody Tootie Bootie
4. I Love Laughing! (Check out the laughing video Brandi posted on her trip to California)
5. California has given me some of the best things in my life
6. My Style Is All Over The Place, Holly and I Dont Just Shop For One Particular Customer But We Have A Little Somethin Somethin For Everyone! (Check Out Our Newest Addition Coming In November For All Your Roller Derby Chicas 
7. Obsessed with morrocan oil products (thanks alot Brandi) and i refuse to wash my hair if I dont have Morrocan Oil Products hahaha
8. Everyone always remembers my chubby cheeks (my family refers to them as the Rodriguez cheeks)
9. Summer time weather is the best and no not in California but in Texas!!! I miss the humidity
10. check out WWW.PRETTYINPINKBOUTIQUE.BIGCARTEL.COM  and I will love you for forever and ever!

check out a video of the store here
i love this SHIRT, and Danielle really knows how to throw an outfit together.
can you send me that bag too thanks! 
ahhhhhhh this is the perfect look! i heart hoody's
and these shorts remind me of the good kind of 80's 90's
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Jump on that train and fast.