Jacob and I are headed to Austin for ACL Festival and we are so pumped!
The weather has been amazingly cool, clear sky's...only problem is my allergies. WHY!
it seems like everytime a festival comes up so does my allergies. UGH!
who are you excited to see?
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 Last year Jacob didn't get to go because he had to play all weekend. This year he will be right by my side!
 Last year we wore rain coats, This year we will not have to!

 ewww this year we will still see lots of this! GROSS! cover your poop up with toilet paper people!!!

 I am so glad I got to see them last year!
 Kelly was smart and saved her shoes. I washed my boots but they are not the same.
 It felt good being barefoot.
wear sunglasses so you can stare at people:)

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I will be doing posts on:
worst dressed
what they wore to ACL
bands i love
fabulous hair at ACL