feathers, gold, and pearls





If you have been keeping up with us Buneo Bueno girls, you know that I have been sifting through all my stuff from the past 6+ years trying to get rid of what I can (not much), donate, and reorganize it all. I'm two weeks in and not nearly done. Last night, I came across all my jewelry. Some of it has gone to Lubbock, Dallas, and Nashville with me, but the majority of it has been boxed up here in Houston. I like to keep all of the ugly jewelry along with the broken stuff for future projects and then I have a cigar box with the sentimental stuff that I am too scared to wear because I always loose things. Brandi seems to have the same disease as me. Anyway, I have always thought of myself as not having a jewelry type and gee, I was so wrong. Going through it all I realized that I am a feathers, gold, and pearls kind of lady. I started thinking back on my outfits from certain events, when I have felt my best, and all those memories include me wearing feathers, gold, and/or pearls. I could wear jeans, heels, and a tee everyday for a month as long as I had my accessories loaded on me, even if it gets to the point of tackiness. Today, my goal is to get through all my jewelry and separate the real stuff from the costume stuff and then take apart all my junk jewelry to use later. I already know which will be my smallest pile...I don't have very much jewelry that counts as the real stuff and I feel I'm at that point in my life where I can add something real every couple of years. I don't have any diamonds, and I've never felt that I would ever own a diamond, but there have been some black diamonds catching my eye recently. My new goal is to start looking at the real stuff and in 5-10 years get myself a black diamond. Do I go with a ornate vintage or a clean modern piece? I have found some diamonds and pearls, as well as promise rings at MyJewelryBox Brandi said she found a simple pearl ring she needed there. So classy. I'm done rambling about jewels, now it's your turn...

-Are you a Jewelry person?
-Do you have a piece of Jewelry that has been handed down to you?
-What do you think it is about jewelry that can make a person feel so special wearing it?
-What is your favorite piece and why?

Brandi has a post coming soon about all her handed down jewelry and her favorite accessories...
Death by Diamonds and Pearls.....this song seemed appropriate for this post:) it's one of Brandi's favorite bands