MEET OUR SPONSOR: Camille Yanair

Camille is one of mucho mucho bueno bueno's newest sponsors. She owns a cute Etsy dress shop HERE.  

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1. Everything I sew is out of recycled/reused fabric. I don't buy fabric at fabric stores.
2. I've got 9 tattoos.
3.I'm horrible with technology. It took me literally 3 days to figure out how to make a blog button. (and it still might not work).
4. I was born in a car.
5. My boyfriend and I furnished our entire house for less than $1000 (we found some awesome stuff in people's trash piles!)
6. We rescued our dog from someone who was getting rid of her because she wasn't a good fighting dog. She's a 60 lb lovebug who follows me around like a shadow.
7. I paint, sew, or craft
8. I don't know how to boil water, but my boyfriend's a cook so I'm never gonna starve.
9. I was born and raised in South Carolina. My best friend's from Pittsburgh and he says my voice sounds like a banjo :)
10. I wish I lived close to the BuenoBeuno girls, they're rad :)

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