HAWAII: Day 2 in Photo's and 3 Questions

photos taken with Nat's phone.

We hiked Pololu Trail to get to the Beach  and it was awesome. Playing with these 3 feels like we are 7 years old again. It was worth the challenging hike back up ( Natalie and I fell once) 
I kept thinking and saying "I can't believe we are all here!"
With us being grown ups and all... sometimes it's hard to take vacation at the same time.
When we got back to the house Richie and Kim were at the skate park so we jumped on the trampoline until they got back! remember popcorn? 
For dinner Kim cooked sweet cornbread white bean chili, and brownies! I ate until I thought i was going to explode. It was delish, and don't get my started on Kim's bean dip we devoured before hand.
Can I please take Kim home with us? or better yet how soon can we move here!?
Everything is perfect, and it keeps getting better.
Can't wait til Trav and Taylor arrive..Today!

1.Do you like to travel with your friends?
2.What has been your best Vacation yet?
3. If you could go anywhere...where would that be?