A Night In Austin

Sunday evening I took a trip to Austin, TX (from Houston) to deliver two bueno bueno headbands and see Rod Picott and Amanda Shires perform. The location was South Austin Brewery so we were all expecting Apps + good brew, but it was more like an chilly warehouse with a porta potty (I stopped drinking my beer after I found out that was the only RR) outside. The night was a lot fun with great music and I met some good folks.

I think I was the only cold person at the show.

I feel so lucky to know these two. the right mixture of golden hearts and talent.

Derek and Amanda

Gosh, I could just bite her face off, it's so cute! This is Amanda with Mike from L.A.
Don't mind the Caution tape

True love people.

When you go see Amanda Shires and Rod Picott, don't forget to sign up on the random postcard list!
Red wine was a must. 
Fun Fact: I drank my wine for about 10 minutes before looking down and realizing there was a beetle in it! Freaking sick! 

Fun Tip: Always look down at what you are drinking before taking a sip.
Do you drive the distance to support your talented friends? 
If not, you should. 
Keep an eye out for Amanda Shires on December 22. She plays Gwyneth Paltrow's fiddle player in the movie Country Strong.

Rod + Amanda, I hope you two stay safe on the road and I miss y'all already!