i have multiple bulletin boards for goals, inspiration, ideas, things i want...

i like to use my old catalogs as envelopes for mail and for playlist covers.

Does this look familiar? Not wanting to get out of bed, so you just stay in bed and work all day?
I love days like that! When I am not at the salon i like to work from bed, because i am one of those people who always has to be planning, working,'s very hard for me to just relax.
Workaholic? yes, that is what and who i am. Even when I am on vacation, WORK MODE! Don't get me wrong I know how to have fun, working is FUN too! I like to feel productive and accomplished.

Next week I will be in Hawaii with Jacob and some of our best friends ( his 30th bday present from me) and my GOAL is to just relax, be laid back, a go with the flow kind of gal, maybe let the gang do the planning! But, you bet I will have my camera with me at all times! Looking for an underwater case for my camera. (crossing my fingers)

I would love to see some of your work spaces. (in the office or at home) Do you have a specific area of your house where you like to work? Kelly and I kind of pick the room at the moment. Sometimes we are in the living room, the kitchen, the craftroom, or on the floor in the office all night into the morning. Just depends.