Darin Lee- musician.
Brandi Lisenbe- hair & design.
Johnny Rendon- make up artist/photographer.
can't wait to see his photo's!
Ginny Lee- make up artist at SATORI.
Joseph Pancho & Kelly Garcia- graphic designers.

Bueno Bueno sisters.
Jacob Lisenbe- musician and awesome husband.
Kelly and I are wearing our dresses from one of our sponsors- PRETTY IN PINK
I don't usually wear dresses but I loved this one so much that when Kelly got hers in the mail i kept it and bought her another one! Ha Ha! Kelly can just add this to her million dresses collection.
That's all I am going to say about what we are wearing for now since this is just a glimpse of whats to come.
I love when creative minds come together, I feel like so many people in the hair, makeup, photography, design industry are so competitive that they don't like to help each other out but I think that's when the best work is created! We can all learn from one another and have the BEST TIME!
Try it out sometime.