Introducing Lonnie Webb (again)
We can't get enough of this kid and his photography skills!

Here's 10 FACTS about our bud:
1.I love love love God.
2. I’m always mistaken to be 15 years old.
3. I am nursing a previous infatuation about David Beckham.
(we love this photo mucho mucho)

4. I think about food way too much.

5. The one place in the world I want to travel too is New York.
(Lonnie, we are in love with her legs. Is that creepy?)

6. I listen to music way too much.

7. I want to have coffee with John Mayer.

8. I want to make people smile.
("...smiling's my favorite")

9. I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers.

10. Jay, Jimmy, and Carson. Every night.

Check out Lonnie's BLOG 

p.s. we are so stoked about meeting Lonnie in March! A talented dude with a brilliant personality? Lets see what we come up with.