My Shirt Helps dot com

There's this rad design studio in TN, ST8MNT, and they heard Uncle Ben loud and clear when he said "with great design skills, comes great responsibility." Okay, maybe what Uncle Ben told Spidey was "with great power, comes great responsibility," but it applies to everyone. Design is a powerful tool that people use for good/evil everyday. It can be used to do anything from brainwashing viewers into believing in a crappy product, to bringing current issues into light (i.e. hunger, clean water, homelessness, etc...). The designers at ST8MNT have created a shop, "My Shirt Helps," and have designed a few shirts with two specific charities ( and toys for tots) in mind. If you are reading this and you are the least bit curious, know someone who loves tee-shirts, or in need of a bad-a stocking stuffer, CLICK HERE to check it out. When I saw the shop was up and running and flipped through the shirt selection and I think I found one of my nephew's Christmas presents.

ST8MNT also created this so that we could all have a vote in the next round charities they will be donating to! If one of these issues is something that weighs heavy on your heart, please vote and spread the word about My Shirt Helps. Click here to vote now!