OMG I HEART: Posters

I have a small, but growing poster collection that I need to get framed someday. Framing is just so dang expensive, but I figure if I take one or two posters in every time there is a custom framing sale at Hobby Lobby it won't burn my pocket book too bad. If you know of another place in Houston I should try, please tell me! Here's a peek at some that I have collected from Flatstock and shows here and there.

If you see a poster up around town promoting a show, DO NOT take it down until the day after the show. It's just darn rude defeats the purpose of the print. Play nice.


Dan Stiles Poster

MadPixel Poster

Dirk Fowler Flatstock 24 Poster

Deer Tick

Dirk Fowler Trouble Hubble Poster

Dirk Fowler No Age Poster

John S. Culqui Lino Print

Brandi Price Poster

Eight of (hundreds of) my favorite Poster Artists