I just sent out the last of the custom key necklaces this morning. whew.
The post office line was crazy! duh.
I didn't have time to send out my Christmas cards. Maybe I can send New Years cards!
I haven't had time to make my gifts yet.....
I wish I could just volunteer at a shelter this Christmas instead of being stressed out driving all over the place making our rounds. We both have huge families and we wish we could just gather in ONE place. (this always causes tension between Jacob and I, we just had a fight about it. UGH.)
I am thankful that I am busy before Christmas but also OVERWHELMED!
My house smells amazing from myYankee Candle (winter woods)
I am excited to see friends that are coming in this week.

What are some of the things you are making for your family and friends? I need some ideas...HELP!
Are you traveling this week? Where are you going? BE SAFE!