I love my MANCHILD.

This is my handsome husband Jacob. Me and my friend Natalie like to call him "THE MANCHILD"
Not in a disrespecting way, let me explain. Jacob has a boy like charm to him. Everyone loves him. He still gets excited like a child. He laughs like a child. He-a- looka- like-a- man. He trusts like a child. He forgets like a child. He is fun like a child. He works like a man. He can protect me like a man. He is sexy like a man. He loves me like a man should. He is super sweet like a child. When I say child....It's a good thing most of the time:)  And when I say that I mean it. Most men, Most grown ups are bitter and jaded and mean and jealous. YUCK! Jacob is none of those things. I wish I looked at all his good qualities more instead of the bad. I wish I was more child- like......
I wish i appreciated him more. I wish I had the joy he has inside of him. I wish I wasn't such a selfish brat.

How can I expect Jacob to be perfect when I am not perfect?

 I have a husband who loves me and would do anything to make me or anyone in the room smile and I feel awful about the times I take that for granted. The times I feel sorry for myself, the times I complain, the times I wish we had more money, the times I wished for a different life.

SO.... this week I challenge everyone to count your blessings, and make a list of everything you are thankful for and NOT complain about ANYTHING. Love Your Family. Love your friends. Love your mate. It's not about what you get from them...It's all about what you can do for them. What you can GIVE them.

Love is a choice....I choose LOVE. What else matters really?

P.S Jacob has lost 3 pairs of Raybans in the past year...instead of getting mad (what is that going to do)
I just won't buy him a new pair. He can wear cheapies. :)