Out of Town: Girls Night

One of many road-trips together (the ones to Austin were the best. we were so dumb)
Chris, Andi, and me
Once upon a time, in the armpit of TX, three little ladies became the best of friends (and at times, the worst of friends). I'm surprised we survived three years of living together. We are all extremely different and stubborn as heck, but we ended up loving each other. Andi and I always new Chris would be the first one to get married (she's the romantic of the bunch) and here we are, weeks away from the big day! At 6am, we are heading up to Dallas for the big bachelorette party. Geez, I still can't believe she's getting married! Anyway, it's a themed bachelorette party and I can't wait to show you pictures of our outfits.

Party Details: lipsitck, lashes, red nails, high heels, & tons of curls...can you tell she's a fool for the romance?

heels in the snow? Only with Christina...
Well, I hope you have an amazing weekend! I'll be back soon with lots of photos to share.