Happy Birthday to the Best Mommy in the World! I can honestly say that my mother is the best example of a woman who lives her life for God. She gives so much to everyone around her, she loves like no other, she shares whatever she has, she laughs at everything, she gets quotes all wrong, she looks at the bright side of things, she helps strangers, she never talks bad about anyone, she stands up for what she believes in, she can pray like a mad woman, she SHINES and stands out. I don't know many people at all like her, they are a rare breed.

If you know my mother you know that I am telling the whole truth here and not just saying nice things because its her birthday. And I am not one to say nice things about people... if it isn't true. Sometimes I get so mad because I wish I had as much joy in my heart. Or I get mad because I know I will never be as good as her. One can dream....

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Photos by Marc Brubaker.