Ryder: the shampoo technician

 This little man is interested and curious about everything, and I plan on showing him as much as I can. I want Ryder to be a well rounded Genius. My dad and him came into the salon a couple weeks ago and Ryder bear made sure to tell me that only Pa-Pa was getting a cut this time. He is so fascinated by the whole process, he wanted to be a part of every step. The first step is washing the hair but Ryder kept saying " I do it Dee Dee" so i picked him up and let him shampoo and condition.








Once we get into the cut it's crazy, Ryder likes everything to be neat and tidy so when the hair starts falling on the cape and the floor he gets the broom and starts picking the hair off the cape like a mad man. It's hilarious! My dad has to tell him over and over just wait until the haircut is over and then he can sweep, but Ryder just can't wait. He proceeds to sweep and knock all the products off the shelf  in the process. Good thing he's cute.