Ten Things You Didn't Know About Sarah Radkin

1. I love the album "Weird Al in 3-D" (and have loved it for 28 years). "Eat It" is awesome!
2. I once attended a 4th of July party in Mississippi where the toy for the kids was a live baby alligator. If this sounds impossible you haven't been to Mississippi! (And just for the record my sister and I didn't participate.)
3. I used to use a hairdryer on ice cream to speed up the consumption process. Mint chocolate chip only. Ever.
4. When I go home to the Maritimes (Halifax, Nova Scotia) I start using weird turns of phrase (like that you "take" a heart attack) and get an accent I have no control over.
5. I wanted to grow up to be a paleontologist and a writer. I'm still working on the writer part!
6. I believe in biophilia: the innate bond between humans and other living systems.
7. I have a pretty abstract thought process. I used to think the Batman symbol was teeth.
8. I don't eat apples in the winter--too cold!
9. I am about to finish my Master of Landscape Architecture degree, ending twenty years of school. April 27, 2011! 
10. I am very good at making turkey noises and can really throw off a person's bowling game with said ability.