I love that this table top is a chalkboard, and that Kassi just picks fresh flowers from her backyard.
Dan and her write little love notes to eachother like this.



Remember Kassi from that cute blog BACWOODS FERN? Of course you do...I think we all wished she would start blogging again! 

I love love love Kassi and Dan, they are some of the best people we have ever met. Did y'all know I met them through blogging? Yup Read About it Here. Anyway after talking to her through comments, emails, and skype, I finally met her and her lovely family in the flesh last summer. I immediately felt right at home with the Bacquets. You don't find too many families out there like the Bacquets. Such a strong love, respect and tight bond between them. 

I asked Kassi to share a little about her decor style because it's so unique.... 

hmmm... my decor style always changes but right now i would say that i'm a bit beachy with pops of color here and there, i little rustic and eclectic all thrown in together. 
i'm always looking at design websites and magazines for inspiration - i love the selby, design sponge and i've saved all my old domino mags that i love to go through to get inspiration... i also have the domino coffee table book that i love to sift through every so often. oh, and i can't forget anthropologie - i get a lot of inspiration from their catalogs and store and in fact, i own a ton of anthro stuff that i have in my kitchen and bedroom - i think i own twenty latte bowls (who doesn't love those!) and about fifteen dishtowels from anthro.
i rarely buy anything 'new' for my home. just about all our furniture is handed down or from thrift/antique stores. i tend to gravitate towards red, i have a thing for stools - the funkier the better and i love collecting chairs - dan gets so mad at me for how many i've collected over the years. since i don't buy big pieces of furniture (not because i don't want to, just because we can't afford to) i tend to look for fun, smaller pieces at antique and thrift stores that i can display around my home for a bit of character. i also love incorporating plants into my decor and grouping them together in threes or fives. i love art as well, so when shopping i like to be on the look out for fun and unique pieces.
i'm always switching things up in my home, the best part about decorating is being able to change it up every couple of months to make it seem new and fresh!

I snapped these photo's one morning when I was over there not knowing about this future post, but just because I loved all her special touches. It made me feel so warm and welcome.