A Glimpse at a Beautiful Backyard

Hello again
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Rob Seidenberg

While running around town with Amanda, we landed at this beautiful house/studio for some recording time. Every inch of this house was BEAUTIFUL. I only photographed the backyard since I had just met Rob and it seemed rude to invade his privacy, but I think it's enough to give you an idea of what I was drooling over... 
dream house

I saw this whale a few times throughout the house

Rob said that central Mexico was a huge inspiration for them. They re-used as many old windows, window frames and doors while fixing up the house. 
love these walls

Who is the right mind would pick a regular fence after seeing these walls?
art studio!
I love the tile to the right and the old doors to the left. I would never leave this spot, if I had a choice.

Do you think about your 'dream yard' or 'dream house'? Rob definitely inspired me to give it some thought.