Mission: Get into the Dan Deacon show
My friend, Morgy (the gent in the beard who I am slaying with a taco), went to SXSW just to see Dan Deacon. If you have no idea who he is, go ahead and skip to the bottom of this post and hit play on playlist. I fell in love with Dan Deacon moments before performing a bit of choreography I had created for a dance class a few years back. If you love to dance like a bizarre striped chicken from pluto in a bouncy castle (or dinosaur), he's your man.

(Since I never tell stories, here's the boring story: I was taking a choreography class in college and true to form, I forgot my music. My beautiful friend who worked at the college radio station, layla, had her ipod full of ear candy. Moments before it was my turn to share my dance with the class, I took her earbuds flipped through a few songs and landed on ol' Dan's 'Big Milk'. DONE! I got up, hooked up the ipod and danced my diddy. My whole dance/movement was completely transformed. I even added to it while I was going through it in front of the class, which was fine until I was asked to do the whole dance over again. It was probably the most excitement I experienced in that class. DWEEB!!!!)

I'll just say our love grows strong.

I'm so stoked!
dan deacon show


I'll go ahead and say most of the people I met during the week of SXSW, had a love for Dan Deacon. Even people I thought for sure wouldn't, ended up having plans for the show or was completely bummed about having to miss it. If you walked through the crowd, you'd see almost every type of Software Advice's SXSW archetype (sketch provided by our reader/friend, Micheal Koploy, CLICK HERE to see more)
I was hoping to run into more Hedonic Inverted Centaurs, but I can't have it all...

Picture 8

I guess this guys wasn't there...
Picture 16

It was so much fun!


Not only did Morgy and I get into the show, but he ended up talking to him for a bit. HA! Geek out time :) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

...of course I took photos


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