OMG I HEART: A Day At The Beach

Brandi soaking up the rays in style.

We took the day off and spent Good Friday/Earth Day at Galveston beach with our nephew Ryder and his Mama, Rachel. Traffic was horrible, but sand between the toes paired with an ocean breeze was worth the minor headache that doubled our travel time. Once we got to the beach, it was a perfect day. Not too crowded, the water temp was just right, slight breeze mixed in with some clouds and good company

Throughout the day, Ryder kept asking us "are you kelee or Branny?" I guess we'll have to accept that we look alike (sorry branny).
My favorite photo!
Me and the Bear. How do I explain waves to a soon to be 3 yr old?


The start of a beautiful castle. Aren't they cute? He also wanted us to build a train...Sorry Ryder.


Ryder and Mama Rachel. They walk the same.

I love the painted seawall in the background.

When you get tired of blowing bubbles, take a bath.

laying out.
It was a busy weekend so we will have our weekly line up posted later today (sorry to those of you who expected it last night). We hope you had an awesome time this weekend and if you haven't found your way to the beach, put it at the top of your to-do list!

-Other than Anthropologie, Target, and Swell, where do you shop for your summer suits? I don't like the tie bottoms because they always get loose on my Caboose.

-For guys swim trunks as well? I got Jacob some cute short ones last year in California and we are looking for more.

sew 'n sing from sew 'n sing on Vimeo.
for all you surfers you might wanna get yourself some sew n' sing board bags for your boards.
I have been telling my friend Justin that we need to make some because I never like the ones that are in stores, but these babies are SWEET! Read more about the brand over at the FOAM blog.

75 sew&sing from sew 'n sing on Vimeo.