We Love Carla Taylor (Lola + George)

I'm pretty sure Carla Taylor is a badass. She's a good mix of many talents, but she is widely known for her talent as a jewelry designer. At the beginning of the year she emailed us with these two rings and after one glance, I knew I must have one!

on the left, 'Kelly' and on the right, 'Brandi'






Carla's rings are the only rings (Brandi and I also have 'Night Crawler' and 'Thorn') I wear on everyday. I get so frustrated whenever I realize I've left the house without 'Kelly' on my finger! Her jewelry is simply incredible and the photos don't do them justice. Carla recently relaunched her web site, Lola and George, where you can purchase these two rings at $155 each. Aren't they lovely?

If you like what you see, show her some love on twitter @StarryeyedCharl

ps THANKS CARLA! We absolutely adore our rings and can't wait to hear the story/reasoning behind them.