Last year in California.


It's that time again! The time most of us dread.....SWIMSUIT SEASON. I actually love it, I may not like how I look in a swimsuit but I sure do have fun in one! Every weekend theres a beach or pool party going on and you know I'm going to be there! I can't wait for June 10th weekend and July 2nd weekend! Friends, Sunshine, Boat on the Lake, and Non Stop Partying!

I've been running a lot lately, but my late night eating and boozing ain't helping this lady out! That sounds bad....I just really like my red wine at night, and having my friends and family on the same street doesn't help. We love to try new recipes and drink while we are in the kitchen. I heard that one glass won't hurt but show me the person that only has one glass. come on? I'm not that disciplined, and my tummy shows it:( maybe I should be more strict with my swirll trips, and wine intake just to see if it makes a difference.
This is me now. 127 pounds. I'm hoping that after a couple more weeks my tummy shrinks a bit more. Maybe push myself harder during workouts... Do you have a good ab workout?
Goal: when I jump up and down my tummy doesn't jiggle. 
I am posting this so I am held accountable by all of you. 
I am thinking of doing the 30 day challenge again?

My favorite places to shop for swimwear
Swell- I like billabong swimsuits a lot. Great for the active girl.
Target- for cheapies, cute but will wear out fast. Basically just for laying out.

Where do you shop for swimsuits? I'm actually wanting to buy a few more for this summer and Target just didn't have anything, and I want to try the suits on instead of ordering online. HELP!