Remember last year when I took a roadtrip to California for a month? Well, I did.  I spent all of June in different parts of southern California and it was awesome! Kassi and I had been blog friends first and we finally got to meet! After our trip Jacob and I were sad because we had to leave such good friends but guess what!!! DAN and KASSI are moving to Texas!!! We have already got to hang with Dan a lot but Kassi is finally flying out this weekend and We get to hang with them tonight!!! I hope she loves it here!
I hope she starts blogging again soon! Yay Yay Yay! Our California friends are now going to be our Texas friends!!!!

Posts and Friends from June last year:
Jacob and our drive to California.
Liza and me- one of my bridesmaids lives in Nashville and needed the california sun.
Danielle- my old roomate who moved to California. She lives in Costa Mesa. We made a video.
Kylle and Haley- some of our BFF's who live in the coolest places. Hawaii, Encinitas, Vancouver... wonder if they are coming back?
Kassi and Dan and fam- our first time meeting in person! Instant friends for life!
Brent and Chloe-  loves. They moved to California for a couple years but now they are back in Houston!!!
Mandie-Friends since 8th grade. She makes my tummy hurt from laughing so much! I don't think she will ever leave California.
Ryan- been friends since 9th grade. He now works for himself and lives in HB. proud of him. (he's the one with the purple shirt)

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