A MUCHO BUENO PLAYLIST: Out of the Ol' Shoebox

Mama G and my Pops
I (Kelly) had the horrible job of going through the garage and Mama G's and the only thing that kept me going through the Houston heat and humidity was knowing that I would get to keep certain buried treasures (giant mirrors, wood stains, chairs etc...). One of the very last boxes I went through had all my middle school and some highschool photos. We are talking multiple shoeboxes of photos and notes from friends and boyfriends. Also in the box, I found a fugly scrapbook/yearbook I had to create for my seventh grade English class and this was the only photo from the whole album that I cared to rescue. Gosh, aren't they just beautiful... awesome style and smiles. My Mom was probably 19 or 20 and Pops was 20 or 21. crazy.