Adventures @ The Swimmin' Hole: Hamilton Pool

26 miles west of Austin, $10 parking, a .25 mile hike down hill and you have a little piece of heaven called Hamilton Pool...

Everything was a bit crunchy since rain has been a stranger to TX this year and I didn't know what to expect out of this swimmin' hole.
but all was at ease when we laid eyes on this little beautyIMG_7408
Sadly, I lost my key necklace and some earrings along the way, but it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. At least it wasn't my boots!


Snacks are always a must! Wasabi Peas and Almonds are our swimmin 'go-to' munchies.
This place was just what we needed. Texas makes me proud. 

Are you a fan of swimming holes or do you prefer a man made pool?

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