Sometimes, Even The Little Things Take Guts

Lonnie Webb
Last night, Brandi and I went to dinner with our Pops because I had something IMPORTANT to talk to him about. I had been trying to find the right time to have this discussion with him since the beginning of June, but something else always came up and I was basically a weeny. Post high school, my parents have never told me 'yes or no' about anything, but their opinions do weigh heavy on me. Always have, but especially after I moved out of the 'I know everything' annoying teenager phase. I knew that if I talked to my Pops about this *thing* and he looked at me like I was out of my mind, I probably wouldn't be able to move forward in confidence and it would make the following year a hell of a lot more difficult. We ordered wine, tomatoes + mozzarella, and a crab cake for the flesh eaters and I spilled my guts with hopeful eyes. I had no idea which direction his reaction was going to go, but I knew telling him needed to happen. My Pops was completely awesome about the whole thing and didn't tell me I was out of my mind. He just said it was a 'out there' and would take a lot of planning/effort, but it wasn't crazy (my mother's reaction weeks earlier was not the same). After a little more than an hour we left the discussion to be continued because it was getting late. I felt a whole person lighter and last night was the best sleep I've had in weeks. Really. It's funny how things work out that way. If only I had the guts to tell him sooner...

I'm keeping this *thing* top secret until the end of the year, but I promise to share :)