California Fish Eye Photo's and 3 music videos

Oh how I wish we still had these shades.
Both these sunglasses LOST! (Jacob lost them on separate occassions)
The aviators are replaceable but my hunter green/ tortoise shades are not!
Can't find them anywhere, Ray-ban doesn't make them anymore. 

What do each of these songs remind you of.....GO!
Highschool- driving in cars with friends thinking we were so cool.
I was jamming this song and screaming the lyrics when I got into a car accident.I was on my way to Toni & Guy where I worked at the time.
It also reminds me of the tv show The OC it was so good! I might have to start watching it all over. Who's in?
 Growing up. listening to records on saturday mornings.always thinking I will live in California someday.