Coffee is the first thing I go to in the morning. Lil Ryder ground the beans, scooped the coffee, and poured the water! 
 Is it ready yet?
I have fun here Deedee! I stay here long long time?
When I get big I have coffee?
Milk does a Ryder good!
Ryder is getting the butter for Uncle Jacob.
I love his little hands working so hard.

 That's ok just a couple bits of shell.

concentration face
He doesn't waste anytime. Clean up clean up time!

Thanks Kim and Richie for this Roots Skate Park T shirt!

 We were out of bread but Ryder wanted toast so I ran and got bread. Spoiled no, loved Yes!

Oh now it's time to Help Uncle Jacob with yard work!

This little man is a busy body! As soon as the sun comes in it's "The sun is in, guys wake up!"
then it's "Can we make some eggs and beacon (bacon)?" then when you start getting breakfast together it's "No, I do it."

I love that he is so eager to learn and help out in the kitchen. I mean he wants to do EVERYTHING! I am all for little helpers! He's like a sponge that soaks up everything we say. Ok I know everyone says this but i have the best Nephew in the world! Ryder time = Happy time. As soon as he leaves our house I get a little sad because he brings so much Joy to our lives. I must say Jeremy and Rachel are doing such a good job raising this bundle of sunshine!