OMG I HEART: Sanoii + Six


We heart Sanoii + Six who describe themselves/ business as 'the love child of two best friends and self-confessed crazy ladies.' Yep, they are right up our alley; We love a solid duo. Their products are fresh and somewhere between classic and quirky. Each piece is well thought out and hand made.




Ten things you should know about Sanoii + Six:

1 Sanoii + Six is an Australian swimwear and clothing label full of fun and whimsy.
2 Each piece is made in house from scratch, by two dedicated sets of hands.
3 Our philosophy for design is simple – we don’t pigeon hole ourselves by trends, we make clothing that we usually need and know we would wear and lastly color is very important to us, very rarely will you see something we’ve made that is entirely black.
4 We met whilst studying at College but soon realized we had basically lived parallel lives. We’ve been inseparable ever since.
5 Six has a two and half year old daughter who practically fell out of the sky!(Six found out she was pregnant 6 months along! Eeeep.) She is a constant source of entertainment.
6 We idolize Jason Schwartzman and have a shrine to him. . . in our heads.
7 We sew to Motown and we could listen to Stevie Wonder all day long.
8 We consider ourselves to be hilarious. Other people don’t.
9 This March we turned 4! Hooray!
10 Sanoii + Six are not our real names. . .  Not even close.

* P.S. We are offering ‘Free Shipping’ in our online store for orders of $120 and yes this does apply to our international friends too! *

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