You should get to know our talented friend Brent. He is one of those guys that everyone loves. Heart of Gold. If you haven't checked out his music or site you are missing out for sure. Trust me, I am very picky about music.

He just so happens to be playing a show next month at Continental Club on the 24th... so you can see for yourself! The other bands playing are also good friends/family of ours and I promise if you come you will have the time of your life! Great people. Great Music. What more could you ask for?
Here is the invite to the event. We are personally inviting you. Hope to see you there! Come say HI!


We are obsessed with random facts so we asked Brent to share 10 facts about himself... Here goes!
  1. I've always enjoyed writing songs in the car. The earliest songs I remember writing, I had to be younger than 10, were entitled : "Grey Tires" and "Squished a bug on the Windshield".
  2. I can not do a road trip without listening to Third Eye Blind's first three albums. 
  3. I'm addicted to chips and salsa. 
  4. My dad bought me a Bass for my twelfth birthday. Bass, like a fresh water Bass. I mean, he bought me a fish. 
  5. I hoenestly believe we are products of our enviroment. And I'm glad. I have an amazing wife, family, and the best friend one could ask for.
  6. I had a strawberry for the first time last year. That same year I had to have three root canals in one day. It was worth it.
  7. I spent the better part of a year making Quicksand River with my best friend Tyler Halford. We recorded everywhere from my apartment bathroom, a studio in San Diego, and his parents garage in Texas.
  8. My real name isn't Brett.
  9. I wanted to be a professional athlete until I realized I'm not athletic. 
  10. I have a reoccurring dream that I'm in a basement in Detroit and I have a rap battle with Eminem, I win and the crowd hoists me up on their shoulders and deems me the Real Slim Shady.

1. BAHAHAHA I spit out my water when I read the titles. I too wrote some pretty honest and literal things. I wish we knew lil 10 year old Brent Nettles.
2. We feel ya! Third eye blind never gets old.
3. We are mexican what do you think? 
4. ???
5. Thanks Brent:) we love you too. Chloe and Tyler are pretty rad too...
6. Is this a fib?
7. I remember the music playing in your California Apt and I was like "WHO IS THIS?"  I instantly loved your music before I knew it was yours! -B
8. Really, all this time we thought it was!
9. Shocking.
10. Is Brittney Murphy in it too?