FIVE ON FRIDAY: Becca Satterwhite


Hi! I'm Becca Satterwhite. Brandi is my super-star hair stylist (I don't know what I'd do without her) & I was so excited when she invited me to do a guest post on MMBB. 

I live in Houston and share a tumblr ( with my friend Emily, who lives in Austin. Our blog is our happy place; we post about things we love (food, interiors, and fashion) and what we're doing (looking for good coffee, traveling, daydreaming...) Em moved to Austin less than a year ago, and the blog has been a great way for us to keep up with each other and maintain a dialog without living in the same city. We don't have any rules about what we post but we try to update at least once a day.

I read a lot of blogs that tend to center around my favorite subjects: interior design, cooking, organization, diy projects, and fashion. My favorite blogs are those that inspire me constantly (and update regularly!)
My number one favorite blog is Design Sponge. It is an inspired mix of design posts, recipes, city write-ups, diy projects that you would actually want to make, and addicting before-and-afters.

A close second is Little Green Notebook. Her taste is exquisite and she does a lot with inexpensive furniture and accessories. She also has some great diys, like this one.

My favorite food blog (by far) is the Crepes of Wrath! Her desserts are amazing (particularly the s'mores bars and chocolate chunk cookies.) And we've been drinking her yummy, herbaceous cocktails all summer. 

The Freelancer's Fashion Blog is so fun and different; it's adorable pictures from the life of a Finnish burlesque dancer. Lots of retro clothes and hair tutorials, and she did a great post on how to dress cute in freezing cold weather.

Homemade Crap is so much better than it sounds! It is the BEST for home organization and diy inspiration.

THANKS! MMBB is so fun & is always on my blog rounds.