FIX YO MOP: Product Knowledge


People text me all the time with....
I can never get my hair to look and feel the way it does after I leave the salon. 
I respond with:
It's all about the product!

I wasn't sold on this It's a 10 product at first. My mom  gave me some and tried convincing me to use it, but I didn't like the packaging or the fact that it said MIRACLE so I rejected it, some girl that worked at TGF or a Walmart salon was talking about it too, so I really didn't trust it. Then one day after 10 minutes trying to comb out a very knotty head of hair I grabbed the "miracle stuff", sprayed, and it was like BUTTAH! Omg! Why did I not give in sooner! It would have saved me so much time!!!

Why this stuff is the JAM:
- I spray this on my clients hair after a wash and the comb just glides through. NO TANGLES! Perfect for people with sensitive heads and for children!
- Makes your hair really shiny.
- Conditioning
- seals and protects color
- stops hair breakage/ prevents split ends
- smoothes  and controls annoying frizzies
- Smells awesome!!! People always compliment me on the way my hair smells.
- The mask is a miracle worker! If your ends are feeling dry, maybe you just got some highlights and want your hair to feel smooth, here is your miracle! (once a week)

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