INSPIRATION: Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far

Have you ever checked out Stefan Sagmeister's work? Maybe you have and just didn't notice. Other than creating stuff for Bueno Bueno, freelancing, and working at Anthro, I have been meeting up with a design buddy to revamp our portfolios. It's fun to get on design kicks with a fellow nerd. We've been sharing links/books, passing projects back and forth and showing each other sketches for out 'just for fun' projects. We also like to take fun field trips to local bookstores like Domy to drool over all the book and vinyl toys we wished we owned, filling our brains with inspiration.

Getting back to Sagmeister... he is someone that I've continually researched when starting any creative job. Not to copy their work or anything dumb like that. I just think it's important to see great work to see how and why it works, and also, to remind yourself of what's possible. I had a photography professor that would tell the class to take a photograph taken by someone whose work we admire to the dark room with us and to keep looking at it while processing/developing our photos. I like to take that idea and apply it to all creative processes. I have a long list of  creative rockstars I look up to, but Stefan Sagmeister is always at the top for me. I just love the way his brain works!

Below are some images of the book 'Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far' and I need to own it (*christmas*). From what I've read/heard, this project started with him just jotting down things he learned, in a journal and then it snowballed and became this rad book. I think that's how some of the coolest creative projects are born.









Do you keep a sketchbook or notebook with you at all times? I do! I have a closet full of them that I'm going through now to make my own creative baby.