BEHIND THE SCENES: Josephine Heidepriem Beach Shoot


While most people we know were watching football on Sunday, we decided to escape to the beach for a photoshoot to keep our creative brains at peace. By 11 am hair was being done by Brandi, Makeup by Ginny, and styling was a joint effort. My darlin, Korey, joined us to take behind the scenes photos (snap seagulls) and fight off giant jellyfish. Josephine brought her cameras and eye for framing and we all went to work in Galveston, TX.

Pow-wow by the seawall. Kelly, Ginny, Brandi, Josephine. I'm so sad Brandi's hat is not mine. Isn't it rad?

Happy accident caught by Korey. I was just jumping around the beach trying to keep warm...

I'm not sure why Brandi is obsessed with 'dead' poses... been that way since she was little. goof.
Me and my stud!

Poor Ginny was beyond cold, but we're thankful she's such a trooper!
Having Korey around for the shoot was a lot of fun and made my day. I laughed 10 times harder at all the girl talk because I can't imagine what he thought of it all. Thanks for spending the day with us!


Brando the ballerina!
Beach 1
Cold, warm, sunny, cloudy, put me at the beach! I know Brandi feels the same. I dont think there has ever been a time the beach had disappointed us. I love that we can shoot at the same location year round and it never provides the same backdrop.

We are all so excited to see Josephine's photos and share them with you, but hopefull these shots will hold you over until then. Thanks to our bud Micah Bickham for playing around with these images and making them look way rad. I can't wait to have another 'day off' with this batch of creative minds and my darlin at my side. cheesy, i know...

What's you favorite way to spend a day off?

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