Frozen Screwdrivers, Tito's, and some Salsa!

After shooting all day Sunday Josephine, Korey, Kelly and I decided to start celebrating Ginny!
 I don't know why we get so excited to sit on the horses, been doing this for years and it never gets old!
Believe it or not, these were taken before the birthday drinks:)
Korey? What in the world is going on with you and this horse?
Hahahahahaha love this shot. Priceless.
Birthday girl doesn't even know what is about to happen!
Mexican Food Check. Friends & Smiling Faces Check. These Guys? YES PLEASE!

(click corner to enlarge)

Bahahahaha!! They sang Happy Birthday and Sweet Home Alabama in spanish! It was awesome. Rock. And. Roll.

* It was not Ginny's actual Birthday, ... but it is a combo of her Birthday and Anniversary week!  Her real birthday/celebration is wednesday!  Our family has always done birthday weeks! What about y'all?

If you follow us on instagram you got a sneak peek of our day shooting at the Beach.