Good morning! In case you've missed it, We're setting out on a huge design adventure. If you love Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno and creativity, you should check it out. Below is a little something to catch you up...

The Pinpoint Method is a journey across the states to meet with creatives in any field of design to accomplish a few things. First, to show what it is that Designers actually do and how it relates to you everyday. Second, to focus mainly on smaller cities to prove that success in design isn't found only in mega cities. Good design really does happen everywhere. 

Starting in this Spring (2012), I will be setting out on an adventure to meet with designers across America. Whether they're a costume designer, lighting designer, print designer, shoe designer, web designer, or industrial designer, I'm going to meet with them (interview, collaborate, etc...) to observe and then share with you what it is these designers do. Along the way, I will be writing about my journey, posting photos and videos, and sharing my experience with you atthepinpointmethod.com.

Since I love collaborating and believe it leads to some of the best work, I will be including the talents of my friends to take this journey a step further. Along the way, photographers, videographers, and other creative brains in my crew will be meeting up with me in different cities to professionally shoot what's going on so I can efficiently relay the Designer's story.

At the end of collecting photos, footage and priceless knowledge for a year, I am going to put everything into a Design Lifestyle documentary. 

Good design happens everywhere and we're setting out to find it!

If you'd like to get involved in any way, please email us 
kelly@thepinpointmethod.com (for designy stuff)
jkp@thepinpointmethod.com (for other stuff)

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