Scan 2

Our 2.5 hour drive to Austin ended up being like over 4.5 hours... No surprise. Wanna know how? Well, I got tired of driving so I let Nora take the wheel, then she started taking pics of me snoozing (mouth fully open) and then sending those pics to all our friends. OMG! I guess while she was doing that she forgot to turn on 71. WAHHH???! We didn't realize that until I woke up and didn't recognize the scenery! LONGEST DRIVE EVER! This kind of stuff happens ALL the time! Oh well, we still had time to drop off our stuff and freshen up at Fred's before meeting up with everyone. This was one of the best nights from the weekend. We still keep laughing about the events that took place. All of the photo's from this booth were blown up on the big screen behind the band playing. I thought that was genius and entertaining! Man some people got real creative.....and GAROSS!!!! I went and checked the
MAX PHOTO FB PAGE to see if they published all of the shock value pics but they didn't. They kept it G rated. Thank the Lord people don't have to see what we had to!

"THEY'RE NOT EVEN IN FULL DANGLE!" - Said the guy defending his actions in the photobooth.