Names:  Lindsay and Jay Snider (and Reece)
Occupations: Business Analyst and Musician
Hobbies:  I like projects.  Jay likes movies.





Dining room:
Table - Crate and Barrel
Chairs - Marshalls
Chandelier - in the house when we bought it - I just painted it and moved it in here from another room
Trees - I fell in love with the super trendy Cole and Sons woods wallpaper...but it costs something insane like $125 per roll.  And we would have needed several rolls to cover just the 1 wall (gotta line up those trees...).  So then I was depressed because I'm just not going to spend $500 to wallpaper a single wall.  Then one night I was looking online at Ikea's website and saw those panels.  I made Jay get in the car and rush to Ikea with me at 9:45 (they close at 10!) to buy the panels.  All in, the project cost about $100.



Front living room:
Couch - Craigslist (we had reupholstered)
Floral chair - Craigslist (we had reupholstered)
Club chairs - free from parents (we had reupholstered)
Side tables - 2 from Craigslist and 1 free from parents
Green lamp - free from parents (I spray painted on a whim at 1 am one Wednesday night after going to see Freelance just seemed right; shade is Anthropologie)
Brass lamps - saw at a garage sale in our neighborhood when I was out running and sprinted home to get $$
Record player cabinet - from Jay's parents (originally his dad's dad) and I painted white with my mom
Records - from both dads
Display shelves - we built - I got the idea from a picture of a museum gift shop's book display
Rug - West Elm
Pillows - my mom helped me make them - fabric from Ikea

Living room:
Couch - The Dump
rug - stole from my sister (ie free)
piano - from Jay's parents (originally his mom's dad's)
table behind couch - made it
brass lamps - found at a garage sale down the street from the brass lamps in front room while sprinting home for $$
black table thing - was a dresser that someone gave my sister.  We ripped off the hardward, removed drawers, and painted little table by window - was an ugly brown table that had been in my parents' garage for as long as I could remember. I was helping my dad carry it to the curb to trash and he starts telling me that his grandfather made it from what the called zinc boards during the depression.  They lived in a town that had a zinc smelter.  Zinc would be brought in on rail.  They would break open the boxes, and his grandfather had an agreement with the railroad to collect the box pieces and would make furniture from it.  I decided we should keep it, so Jay and I stripped off all the paint, cut off the rotten feet, and stained.  It's a little awkward and doesn't serve too much in function, but I like its story.
rug - stole from my sister (ie free)
Painting behind couch by Scott Erickson (www.scottericksonart.comI painted other 2


Original cabinetry - had outsides painted and then decided to paint the insides ourselves - terrible idea (I cried multiple times). Updated counter top (marble), backsplash, appliances when we moved in and ripped a hood out from above stove.Breakfast area (still a work in progress) - I just bought the table and chairs from Craigslist last week but want to recover the chairs; also bought a chandelier from Craigslist that I will paint and hang in here; bar stools I stole from my sister (ie free)Painting by Sam Wedelich ( Cart from Ikea

Rug - West Elm
Bed - Star Furniture
Lamps - Target
Side tables - 1 free from parents and other is from Ikea
Dresser - My dad worked in DC for 10+ years.  When he retired, we took this from his house there.  I always loved the DC house, so I really like having a few things from it.
Painting was designed by my sister and painted by me

Bed - free from DC house
Side tables - free from my parents
Lamps - free from Jay's parents with Target lampshades
Rug - free from my parents
Mirror - Was in master bathroom when we looked at the house but the owner's removed it right before closing.  Jay made them bring it to closing on principle.  It sat in a closet for a year and a half.  I finally painted it and hung.
Oriental table - my mom and I bought from a store going out of business
Painting by my sister