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I crossed out the name because I am still friends with this person and I don't want anyone to be embarrassed by this post. I was going through all my storage containers that my Dad handed over to me and I found this letter. Oh 14 year old me. Do you remember being 14? I sure do. I was experiencing all these weird feelings for the first time, trying to find my place, writing notes was the thing to do in class, and EVERYTHING was such a big deal....Being Grounded. He said she said. Breaking up. Mean girls.

In this letter I obviously had ended one relationship and started another one. Relationship? How does that work when your a kid and have a crush on everyone? How does it work when your parents don't let you go out with boys yet? I apologize to any boy I ever dated. I must have been so hard to figure out.

My parents were pretty strict growing up and they didn't allow a lot of things that my friends parents allowed so 9th grade was a tough year for me and my parents. But it was still one of the most memorable ones. We got through it. Now I know they were only trying to protect me. 

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Katy HighSchool School Dance 1995
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The moment that stood out most this night was dancing to Stairway to Heaven with my best friend Mandie Davis. Isn't that weird how you can remember some moments vividly and others not so much?

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This is me reading a letter, wonder if it was that very letter.

Anyway Kelly and I have many more letters boxed away and we wanted to make an exhibit out of "Letters from my Ex" one day but instead we decided to make this a new Feature on the blog and NOT from just one Ex, and not just ours. If you have any funny letters from your Ex's or even your old BFF's send them to us we would love to share a story from you.

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