When a client cancels this is how I stay busy #DIY #onlyifyourahairstylist

The aftermath. Added and toned. #hair

Photo one- The Pinpoint Crew went to interview and hang out with Cheryl and Paul of @Stash_Co
Photo two- Jacob was super duper excited about his not one but two shower heads and new mint body wash. I just had to sneak a G rated photo to capture this moment. Wish you would of seen how excited he was for that shower. Not so excited that I took a photo. There was terror in his eyes. Then he went to St Louis.
Photo three- We were hair models for a T.V. segment called Mirror Mirror
Photo four- I had a cancellation so I took advantage of that time to throw some foils in my hair to refresh my look. 
Photo five- This is the turn out, not much different but I toned it a bit darker since the sun can work its magic this week. Pool Party Sunday! Oh and I'm not the only Bueno sister that did something to her hair either......

Yesterday was our last day to work at the Peden location. Jacob came back in town just in time to help us move the shampoo units to our new space 4500 Washington Ave late last night. Brandan at Roots is a badass and is letting us work at his salon until our build out is finished. Tuesday is when we should be able to work at the new Do or Dye Tx!