Hola! The Pinpoint Method crew and I have 5 days left to reach our goal with the Pinpoint Project on indie go go. We are currently sitting at $1,760 with a goal of $5,000! With your help we believe we can reach our goal and get this designy adventure started!  

Just for a quick recap of what The Pinpoint Method is...

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I (with the Pinpoint crew) will be on a journey to meet up with designers,  in any and all fields of design, across the United States, interviewing, collaborating, observing and documenting what it is they do, where they are doing it and how it plays a part in the bigger picture. A huge part of this project is going to be focusing on designers in smaller towns because we believe that good design is happening everywhere and isn't only accessible if you live in a big city. Since another key element of this project is collaboration, I have assembled a talented crew that will be involved and will utilize their talents to help me bring the designer's story to you through text, video and photography.  

Photo of Maurice Connolly working out of the Stash factory for a day
Sneak peek of the Stash Co. Factory
Along the way, we will be posting about the journey and featuring each individual's story over at thepinpointmethod.com. Other than this space becoming a source of inspiration to those who appreciate creativity, I'm confident that this can become a tool as well as an educational and inspirational place.

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screen shot of 'from the road' section where we will post individual interciews
We have already started interviewing (with borrowed equipment) designers in and around the Houston area and will have those interviews up at the start of June. We couldn't be more stoked! (We will be at Urban Market this Sunday to finish up the story of Cheryl Schulke and Paul Forde of Stash Co., so if you'd like to see us in action or just come out to say hello and look a beautiful design, come join us)

Other designers that are on board with the project included (but not limited to): Ali Marie and Dolan Geiman, Dirk Fowler of F2 Design, Ax + Apple, Dinosaur Toes, Tumbleweeds Shop, Oh, Dier, Brandi Price of The Diamond Center and Drums of Victoria Hall, Gypsy, Chrisrann and more!

After the journey is complete, all the adventures and stories will be complied into a Design Lifestyle documentary that will be shown at an exhibition in Houston, TX along with other pieces of individual's stories and creations on display. All the designer's, donors, friends, family and strangers are invited to come and walk through and experience our journey in person. All investors/donors will be mentioned in both the documentary, the exhibition and remain on The Pinpoint Method site throughout its' lifespan. Please become a part of this incredible adventure!

3 ways you can help and become a part of this journey:
1. Donate - All money received is going directly towards equipment and travel expenses (gas+hotels). Everything else will be covered out of pocket. With your investment, you are not only helping The Pinpoint Method, you are also helping tell the story of all the designers we meet up with across the states.
3. Spread the word - help us spread the word by emailing, posting on Facebook, linking to us through a blog or tweet, etc...

**Brandi and I decided to add a new perk for investors... Anyone who has and will donate $100+ will receive a free 'sponsor' ad on MMBB from June through the end of December (2012)**

The Pinpoint Method
Follow our designy (and not so designy) adventures across the states and help spread the word!


Kelly + The Crew